Your reason to give, reason to celebrate

11 Apr 2014

Almost 300 of The University of Queensland’s donors and supporters recently attended the 2014 Celebration of Giving reception at the beautiful new Advanced Engineering Building.

UQ’s wonderful supporters braved Brisbane's wettest day ever in March (from 73 years of record keeping) to tour some of the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology's (EAIT) innovative teaching, learning and research spaces, and gather with peers and staff for the event.

The tours showcased five areas from EAIT and focused on teaching and learning. The feedback from guests has been overwhelmingly positive with mention of the night being very informative and enjoyable. “I was astonished by one or two things and delighted to have been invited to learn more about engineering. It was fascinating,” said one donor.

The value of donations made to UQ vary greatly, as do the people who make them. In 2013 UQ's youngest philanthropists were seven, Year 5 students from St Brendan’s Primary School in Moorooka. The girls organised a bake sale at the school and sold their sweet treats to fellow students and teachers to raise $71.60. A donation, although small, that has the potential to make a big difference in an area of research that is often overlooked.

The Celebration of Giving event is an opportunity for the University to say thank you to its donors and supporters in person. Many of the guests put pen to paper on the night, and posted a note on why they give and/or what area of UQ they give to. From simply 'there are problems to be solved' to the more specific 'it’s good for business – we need more women in engineering leadership. I am thinking globally and acting locally to increase women in engineering leadership.'

Read more of the ‘post it notes’ from the donor wall on the UQ Alumni Facebook page and to find an area at UQ you would like to give to, visit the new Giving page