UQ Calling

13 Aug 2015

UQ is known for attracting many of the best and brightest students who go on to forge wonderful careers, but for student Amelia Kok, her dreams of becoming an engineer could have been derailed had she not been awarded a scholarship that provided her an opportunity that otherwise would have been out of reach.

While her recently emigrated family were finding their feet in Australia, funding Kok’s university education
was simply impossible as she was ineligible to fund
her degree using a HELP loan.

Instead, she applied for and was awarded a scholarship, which provided enough of a financial helping hand for her to commence in 2012.

“This scholarship is the only reason I was able to come to university,” said Amelia.

“If I hadn’t received it, my plan would have been to defer my placement for a year, but it still would have been a case of ‘wait and see’.”

Now Amelia is keen to give back to the University, ensuring more students like her don’t miss an education at UQ for financial reasons.

During August, September and October, Amelia and a group of 28 students will be phoning alumni to share news about what is happening at the University, hear stories and updates from our alumni, and to ask alumni to support UQ's Annual Fund.

“I totally understand the situation that financially disadvantaged students are in,” said Amelia.

“The job advertisement discussed how funds raised will be directed to student scholarships and I just thought – that’s such a perfect fit for me!”

“I’m very, very thankful for my scholarship and I just want to help the University raise money that can be put towards students who are in a similar situation to me.”

With first hand knowledge of the impact of scholarships, Amelia suggests getting into university is only the beginning of the benefit a scholarship provides to deserving students.

“It definitely lessened the burden in my first year where you are learning to cope with new situations, and I was definitely able to enjoy the student experience more.”

In addition to giving back, Amelia is keen to work on her communication skills, which she is hoping will aid in a career in wastewater management.

“I want to build my networking skills and build up the ability to make a great first impression,” said Amelia.

After beginning work on the phones at the beginning of the month, Amelia is already enjoying sharing stories with alumni.

“It’s been really interesting hearing some of the memories our alumni have of their University days – some people have some funny ones!”

Donations made to the UQ Annual Fund contribute to areas of immediate need, supporting the University’s highest priorities, including scholarships.

If you happen to get a call from one of our enthusiastic students such as Amelia, your support can make a difference to future generations.