Engagement Before Investment

1 Jan 2014

As the University heralds that philanthropy will become a core part of the answer to the funding formula, our focus turns to the alumni community. Alumni have the most potential and the strongest reasons and motivations to support the University.

In this new future for the University, alumni are valued as members of the University community as much as students and staff. Their relationship with the University is about their involvement now as much as it is about their time as a student. We have a bit of a way to go before this becomes second nature and obvious to all. It is our work to steward the great talent and engagement of our global alumni community as its reach continues to grow locally and internationally.

Alumni are most keenly aware of how university education shapes how the world is today and the opportunities afforded to graduates. The recent Alumni Engagement Survey results underlined the enduring affection of alumni for this University. However, the majority also admitted they did not yet feel valued by the University. There is our task. It’s not just about events – it’s about purposeful and mutually beneficial involvement.

Events like Courting the Greats provide an opportunity to showcase alumni achievements and the Global Challenges Leadership Series has travelled around the globe to provide intellectual offerings to alumni. Schools and faculties are working hard to deliver discipline-based engagement activities, with some great results.

We can offer so much more in an integrated program. Alumni have expressed a strong interest in receiving benefits, attending reunions and serving the University through appropriate volunteer opportunities. In the lead up to campaign, we have a wonderful opportunity to work with a willing alumni community to deliver a transformational approach to alumni engagement.

Nominate alumni for the Advance Global Alumni Award

The quality of our 200,000-strong alumni community is to be encouraged and celebrated. Their achievements as leaders and change makers who are sparking innovation worldwide are intrinsic to UQ’s level of esteem as a major global institution.

The inaugural Advance Global Alumni Award, which is part of the Advance Global Australian Awards, recognises alumni from Australian universities who have made outstanding achievements overseas.

With alumni engagement a top priority at the University, I strongly encourage you to nominate alumni who have made global impact in business, science, the arts or contributions to society.

Nominating is easy and can be completed online at the Advance Global Australian Awards website. Nominations close on 2 December 2011.

Even if your nominee does not win, the nomination process is a powerful engagement tool and a great opportunity to celebrate your alumni’s achievements and advance your relationship with alumni greats.