Alumni Engagement Award

1 Jan 2015

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Global Leadership Series has won the prestigious 2012 Association of Development and Alumni professionals in Education (ADAPE) award for excellence in an Alumni Campaign, recognising excellence in a series of Alumni activities or engagement programs.

The award was announced on September 6 at ADAPE’s international conference in Sydney.

The Global Leadership Series is a worldwide program of seminars open to UQ Alumni and Community, where leading UQ academics explore the global matters that impact our communities and shape our ideas.

Through this series UQ has been able to provide alumni and supporters around the world access to our leading academics and academic research.

Since it was launched last year, UQ has hosted 28 Global Leadership Series seminars in 19 cities around the globe on topics as diverse as global health, parenting and politics.

UQ is honoured to be recognised by ADAPE as leaders in Alumni engagement.