Proposed changes to The University of Queensland Act

27 Feb 2017

Recently a review of all public universities in Queensland was undertaken by the Department of Education to review the size and structures of governing bodies at those institutions.

While the outcome of the review did not recommend any changes to the existing size and composition of the UQ Senate, there was a draft bill that proposes changes to the nature of some governance. These changes include delegations from the Senate, removal of University statutes, and the term served by the Academic Board President.

Universities were also invited to submit individual requests to change their Acts, and one being put forward by UQ is to appoint the three graduates on Senate instead of electing them. The number of graduate positions will remain the same.

If passed, the change from ‘elected’ to ‘appointed’ positions will only begin in 2021 (the 35th Senate).

With UQ approaching almost 250,000 alumni, the time, cost and resources needed to run an election for these particular positions far outweigh the response.

By making the change to appoint these roles, UQ alumni will have the opportunity to nominate talented graduates who might not have stood for election, and it will assist Senate to make appointments based on diversity, skills, and expertise. 

There is a document on the Senate website which provides background and a high-level overview of the proposed changes, followed by a Guide to the University Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 and the draft Bill.