Charleville’s only pharmacist

30 Sep 2019
Nicola Rigby with her partner, Dan
and their two children, Locky and Elsie

With an impressive collection of UQ degrees between them, siblings Nicola and Mitchell Rigby are creating change in rural Queensland.

Nicola graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery in 2012 and is now a Clinical Caseload Midwife at Charleville Hospital.

Mitchell graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2013 and a Graduate Diploma of Clinical Pharmacy in 2018. He is now a Senior Clinical Pharmacist at Charleville Hospital, and is currently Charleville’s only pharmacist!


What does your role at the hospital involve?

Nicola: I provide antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care to women admitted to the hospital. I also regularly travel to Augathella, Tambo, Morven and Quilpie to provide outreach care to the women there.

Mitchell Rigby with his wife, Jennifer
and their son, Patrick

Mitchell: I am the sole pharmacist here in Charleville and the clinical and operational manager of three other hospitals and two outreach clinics. I provide care to patients on admission, discharge, at outpatient stage and in the emergency department – basically wherever I can. For smaller sites, we use telehealth methods.

What has been your most interesting case or patient story?

Nicola: Earlier this year I delivered the second baby of a mother for whom I had also delivered her first. And just recently I delivered my first vaginal breech baby.

Mitchell: I have a keen interest in antimicrobial stewardship and judicious use of antibiotics so my most interesting cases would be those where the patient was suffering from a bacterial problem which was resistant to the usual antibiotics. This is interesting because we are required to use antibiotics which we wouldn’t ordinarily use, and it reaffirms the need for proper use of antibiotics.