Ecological processes are inferred through statistical and mechanistic models from measurable patterns in space and time. TERN provides national research infrastructure to identify the ecological patterns and processes which shape Australian ecosystems. Inference of these ecological processes are undertaken across Australia and New Zealand by TERN’s OzFlux community of practice, covering a diversity of community, vegetation and climate types. Using ongoing measurements of fluxes and vegetation structure, ecological processes are inferred at local, national and global scales for understanding how and why ecosystem change occurs over minutes, days, seasons and years. Presenter: Dr Jamie Cleverly, Associate Director, OzFlux.

Dr Jamie Cleverly is the associate director for OzFlux , Principal Investigator for TERN’s Ecosystem Processes site in central Australia—the Alice Mulga SuperSite and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney. Dr Cleverly’s research interests include the land–atmosphere exchange of carbon and water—and ecosystem ecology more generally, ecohydrology, ecophysiology, meteorology, climate, statistics and agronomy. Jamie obtained their PhD in ecology (plant physiological ecology and community ecology), soil science and statistics at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Register here.

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