The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School invites you to our Thought Leadership Webinar in partnership with KPMG: Planting the seed – strategies reshaping business success within ecological limits on Thursday 9 September 2021.

Did you know Australia already overshot its ecological budget by 22 March 2021? This means we’ve consumed more ecological resources than the country can regenerate in a year.

A key trend of strategic planning that considers the Earth’s limited resources is gaining momentum in the corporate world. Innovative organisations are moving to new business models, industry partnerships and collaborations to redefine what success looks like.

Business disruption during the pandemic has meant enterprises are reassessing what KPIs really matter for longevity. Factors such as staff wellbeing, resilience-building and finite resource planning are vital for long-term business success. Profit can no longer be used as a key metric of success when taking a forward-focused approach.

So, how do enterprises succeed within ecological limits?

Strategies to implement now
We invite you to discover business sustainability and risk-planning strategies you can implement right now with United Nations PRME Director for UQ Business School, Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel, and KPMG climate change expert Cameron Reid.

Thought-provoking expert panel
Cle-Anne and Cameron are joined by a panel of thought-provoking experts to discuss how organisations can balance their environmental ledgers in the same way they balance their budgets to build successful business within ecological limits.

You will hear from:
Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel, UQ Business School
Cameron Reid, Associate Director, Climate Change & Sustainability, KPMG
Dr Andrea La Nauze, UQ School of Economics
Dr Isabel Buitrago-Franco, UQ Australian Institute for Business and Economics

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from our experts on how you can change the game and build organisational resilience well into the future.


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