Economists continue to play an essential role in COVID-19 recovery and will help shape policy for the post-pandemic society. In a world with higher public spending and debt, coupled with more frequent shocks due to climate change, fiscal and monetary policies will become more important than ever.

To prepare for this shift, we investigate the challenges and approaches of educating the ‘economists of tomorrow’: those who will bear responsibility for shaping our economic policy responses to future shocks.

Hear from our panel of experts as they explore:

  • why high school economics enrolments are dropping (and how to address this issue)
  • the economics curriculum and pedagogy at UQ, and
  • human capital depreciation and potential improvements to teaching to ensure students are well equipped to tackle these future challenges.

This UQ Economics Thought Leadership event aims to inspire, influence and promote innovative ideas and insights. We are looking forward to you being part of this important conversation.

This is a free online event.

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