Many of society’s most pressing challenges are complex and multi-faceted. Such challenges range from global pandemics to climate and biodiversity disasters, the tensions caused by socio-economic inequalities, and the risks posed by emerging technologies. Being able to successfully address these complex challenges requires research that is co-designed with a diverse range of participants to help ensure impact is considered throughout the process, and not just applied or translated afterwards.
Join us in a panel discussion with four leading UQ academics as we explore the why, what, and how of co-designing high-impact research to address complex challenges.
The event is hosted by the Research Impact Nexus at the Global Change Institute and will be facilitated by Dr Crighton Nichols.
To comply with Covid-19 guidelines and the number of guests we can allow to physically attend on-site is restricted. However, you are very welcome to view the panel discussion online by registering for a ticket.

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