A non-technical presentation for a broad audience giving new insights into the patterns of disease and injury in populations and how these are changing.

In 2007 Professor Alan Lopez and Professor Christopher Murray began what was to become a five-year study to research and compare worldwide injury, disease and risks for the years 2007-2012, called the 'Overview of the Burden of Global Disease study'.

The global burden of disease measures the combination of years of life lost due to the premature mortality and years of life lost due to time lived in states of less than full health.

The result is the largest ever review of historical and emerging trends in disease origin, development and spread, and the leading risk factors that contribute to the global burden of disease.

During this Global Leadership session, Professors Lopez and Murray present the preliminary results of their study, focusing on disease burden among children and adults, the leading causes of death and disability worldwide, the leading regional risk factors to health and the key changes in global disease trends that have important and immediate consequences for global health development strategies.


Professor Alan Lopez
Alan is a Professor of Global Health and Head of the School of Population Health at The University of Queensland, and an Affiliate Professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. Professor Lopez spent 22 years with the World Health Organisation in a number of senior technical advisory and management roles and is a prolific and influential author and speaker in population health and medical research.

Professor Christopher Murray
Christopher is a Professor of Global Health at The University of Washington and Director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. He is also a Honarary Professor of the School of Population Health at The University of Queensland. A physician and Health Economist, his work has led to new methods and studies for population health management, public health performance, and cost effectiveness of health technologies. Professor Murray has served with the World Health Organisation, and on several Harvard University health and population initiatives and institutes, and has edited numerous books and journal articles.


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