While it is understood that demand for food is rising and that by 2050 food production will need to increase by 60%, it is less well understood that a range of new technologies, from gene editing to nanotechnology and technologies from disciplines traditionally outside of agriculture, will be required in order to increase production of more food in challenging environments. This forum will explore the implication of how consumers will accept the application of such new technologies in food production.

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 Associate Professor Tamara Davis
Professor Robert Henry
Robert Henry conducts research on the development of new and improved products from plants. He is Professor of Innovation in Agriculture and Director of the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, at the University of Queensland. His research targets improved understanding of the molecular basis of the quality of products produced from plants and genome analysis to capture novel genetic resources for diversification of food and energy crops. This research involves analysis of domesticated crops, wild relatives of crop species and potential new crop species. His research aims to define the basis of human selection for quality in food and non-food crops. Current research focuses on the major global food crops, rice, wheat and coffee and the leading current and potential energy crops, sugarcane and Eucalypts. He has extensive experience in research management was previously Director of the Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics at Southern Cross University and Research Program Leader in the Queensland Agricultural Biotechnology Centre. He has been involved in establishing several Cooperative Research Centres in Australia and has contributed to the management of research funding by Rural Research and Development Corporations. He is a graduate of the University of Queensland (B Sc (Hons)), Macquarie University (M Sc (Hons)) and La Trobe University (Ph D). He was awarded a higher doctorate (D Sc) by the University of Queensland for his work on variation in plants, is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, recipient of the Guthrie Medal for his contributions to cereal chemistry and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

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