***Back by popular demand***

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get ahead financially when you feel like you're not moving at all?

Ever thought about how your mates got into the property market 3 years ago whilst you're still saving for your deposit?

Investing, for most, seems to be a foreign concept and is only ever reserved for the wealthy. Not true! Let us tell you why!

Does thinking about your finances freak you out or excite you? Hopefully it's the latter. Practical personal finance tips and tricks does not get taught whatsoever in our schooling system and because of this, the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening. People are either lucky enough to have parents who taught them valuable lessons that has helped them build a solid financial foundation or they are somewhat lost, trying to find the right strategies and ways to get ahead financially.

Hosted by the UQ Young Alumni Advisory Board, we have created a safe environment for all young alumni to learn to build their personal finance foundation. ‘Get Finance Fit’ workshop is designed to help individuals, couples and families with tried and tested strategies, a different way of thinking and more importantly a sustainable way of building towards a greater financial future.

This popular workshop has been sold out for three years, so register your tickets so you don’t miss out!

Registration will open soon. For event enquiries, please email to Izzy Koh at uqalumni@uq.edu.au

Ticket prices:

$40 (early bird)

$48 (regular ticket)

Ticket includes a full day workshop and lunch!

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