When you think of animals such as spiders and cone snails, you imagine the pain and harm they can cause to people. But what if some of our deadliest creatures held the key to the next generation of painkillers and treatments for other diseases?

Professor Glenn King and Associate Professor Irina Vetter are exploring the chemical cocktails present in the venom of animals such as spiders and cone snails to uncover new treatments for pain, stroke and epilepsy. They will take us through how they came to search in the most unlikely of places for treatments, how you develop medicines from venoms that could otherwise kill us, and what the next steps are for progressing these treatments into the clinic.


Image of Professor Glenn KingProfessor Glenn King, Professorial Research Fellow, Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Professor Glenn King is a biochemist and structural biologist whose expertise lies in translating venom-derived peptides into human drugs and bioinsecticides. His lab maintains the most extensive collection of venoms in the world, which includes venoms from more than 600 species of venomous spiders, scorpions, centipedes and assassin bugs.

Professor King’s primary focus is on the development of drugs to treat three pervasive nervous system disorders: chronic pain, epilepsy, and stroke. His lab is working closely with several pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for clinical use.

Image of Associate Professor Irina VetterAssociate Professor Irina Vetter, Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Molecular Bioscience and School of Pharmacy, The University of Queensland

Associate Professor Irina Vetter is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Pain Research at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB), and a Senior Research Fellow and lecturer at School of Pharmacy, UQ. Her research interests lie in the fields of peripheral pain mechanisms, target identification and analgesic drug discovery. Associate Professor Vetter investigates the contribution of ion channels to sensory neuronal physiology using highly subtype-selective toxins isolated from venomous animals with the aim to develop novel analgesics with improved efficacy and tolerability.

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