In partnership with KPMG, The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School exclusively invites you to attend our Thought Leadership Webinar: Can machines learn ethics? The future of artificial intelligence (AI) for business on Thursday 11 June 2020.
From driverless cars to Amazon’s advanced customer experiences – AI’s potential and value to organisations continues to make headlines. However, there is growing evidence and concern that the algorithms and data underpinning AI has the ability to produce bias and ethical injustice. 
Ethical AI is a relatively unregulated frontier, which needs to be a top priority for organisations as they unroll and embed the next phase of machine learning across all facets of their business. 
We invite you to join Associate Professor Sarah Kelly from UQ Business School and Noel Williams, Partner at KPMG, who will provide thought leadership and futurist insights on governance and data management relating to ethical issues associated with AI. 
You will also take away practical insights on how some organisations have quickly made business decisions based on their trusted data.

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