Join leading national and international experts to explore the legal risks, opportunities and protections surrounding modern digital transactions and blockchain technologies.

Although much of the modern digital space is subject to significant statutory regulation, equitable doctrines and remedies retain a significant role to play both as a source of protection for consumers and potentially also an area of unidentified legal risk for market participants.

The conference will be devoted to pursuing these broad themes, examining the interface between traditional equitable devices and remedies and contemporary and developing features of the digital economy, such as distributed ledgers, smart contracts and digital currencies.

Issues explored at the conference will include:

  • ways in which equity can help to maintain confidence in the security of the blockchain as  a reliable record of title to crypto-assets
  • the implications of automation in smart contracts for the sorts of remedy a party can obtain when they are breached
  • ways in which equity’s in personam jurisdiction can mitigate some of the otherwise potentially harsh consequences using blockchain technologies in property and intellectual property registration systems
  • ways in which traditional equitable principles can rise to the challenge of creating intermediated securities over dematerialised assets.

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