Join us for the last 3T Event of 2020 and for Christmas Lunch at the Women’s College. Whether you have attended every 3T Event this year, or this is your first, all are welcome to this end of year celebration featuring Dr Peter Ellerton on the art of critical thinking.

Everyone recognises the value of critical thinking but there is much controversy about what exactly it is or how to achieve it. What’s more, we all think we are good critical thinkers. But are we? How could we tell?

Peter Ellerton is the Curriculum Director of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project and a lecturer in critical thinking. His research focuses on developing an understanding of critical thinking and how to teach it. He is a consultant to the International Baccalaureate Organisation in the design and implementation of science curricula and a former Head of Experimental Science at the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology. Peter has appeared on Radio National’s Philosopher’s Zone and Ockham’s Razor to discuss the teaching of critical thinking and is a frequent contributor to The Conversation website on matters of public reasoning. 

There is an optional Christmas lunch at the Women's College from 11.30am – 1pm.

Registration coming soon.

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