What are we addicted to, the how, and the why. Our expert panellists will touch on the processes that underlie addiction and why our decision-making becomes problematic.


Image of Peter Cabot

Associate Professor Peter Cabot
School of Pharmacy, Chair, Head of School T&L Advisory Committee





Image of Dr James Kesby

Dr James Kesby
UQ Amplify Researcher, Queensland Brain Institute (QBI)

Dr Kesby's research focuses on the neurochemical control of behaviour, particularly that involved in psychosis, schizophrenia and addiction. Through the investigation of decision-making processes in experimental animal models and humans his work aims to understand the abnormal circuitry in human neuropsychiatric disorders. Animal models provide an avenue to explore function and neurochemistry using techniques that cannot be used in human subjects. However, interacting directly with clinicians and performing translational studies are key to putting these facts into context. Dr Kesby works closely with clinical researchers focused on the daunting task of understanding, identifying and treating early psychosis. This cross-disciplinary research collaboration continues to pursue better outcomes for people suffering from mental illness.


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