Introducing 3T Events

In 2020, UQ is bringing you the best of St Lucia campus in the monthly 3T Events program. 

3T Events was originally created by Alumni Friends and was formerly known as the Three Score Club

3T Events will give you intimate access to researchers and facilities that put UQ on the world-stage.

Join us to hear from the likes of 3-Minute Thesis winners, Queensland Brain Institute scientists, thought leaders in Great Barrier Reef research, and receive exclusive access to the facilities and institutes that shape UQ.

3T Events is your opportunity to become part of a regular community program and reconnect with fellow graduates. Regardless of your own academic background, 3T Events will give you insight into the diversity that is UQ.

3T Events begin at 10am with morning tea at The Women’s College followed by either a 3T Talk or 3T Tour. Each event will feature a different facet of the University, so there is always something to learn and admire. Whether you are looking for stimulating scholarly content, access to cutting-edge research facilities, an insight into student life, or an opportunity to laugh and socialise – 3T Events has something for you.

At a cost of $15 per ticket, the 3T Events program includes talks, tours, and (of course) tea!

3T Events


email or phone 07 3346 3166