Foundation Professor in Molecular Neuroscience
Queensland Brain Institute 


Emeritus Professor Perry Bartlett AO has made extraordinary contributions to the field of neuroscience.

Emeritus Professor Bartlett’s visionary leadership saw the establishment of a world-leading neuroscience research centre in Brisbane,  the Queensland Brain Institute, where he worked as the inaugural Director between 2003 and 2015.  

His discovery of the existence of stem cells in the adult brain, and the adult brain’s ability to continue to produce new neurons, fundamentally changed our understanding of the brain and  has wide-ranging implications for the treatment, cure, and prevention of diseases such as stroke, dementia, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s and many more.

He also holds the Foundation Chair in Molecular Neuroscience at UQ, is co-founder and scientific chair of SpinalCure Australia, a member of the UQ Anthropology Museum's management committee, and a director of Mater Research. 

In 2015, Emeritus Professor Bartlett AO and his wife Mrs Jane Bartlett established a fellowship that aims to attract the best and brightest young scientists to the study at QBI. This fellowship ensures the greatest researchers are encouraged to stay and practise in Queensland to the benefit of our community, state, and country.