Sir Peter James Donnelly

Sir Peter James Donnelly's current role is Professor of Statistical Science in the Wellcome Centre Trust for Human Genetics (WCTHG) at Oxford and Chief Executive Officer of Genomics. He is Fellow of St Anne’s and his former posts include Head of the Department of Statistics and Director of The Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics.

He began his career in mathematics and has become an international leader in human genetics, with seminal contributions in mathematical and statistical genetics, human genetics and human population history. Advances in genetics and genomics have transformed much of biomedical research and healthcare. Donnelly has been one of the pioneers and leaders of this genetic revolution.

Donnelly is regarded as a world leader in the development of powerful and efficient analysis methods used to unlock information and key scientific insights from data sets. His work typically combines analytical methods development with cutting-edge science and he has led several of the major international studies of the genetics of human disease.

He has been cited in over 30,000 publications for his innovative methods and has received numerous awards and honours including the Weldon Memorial Prize, the Mitchell Prize and the Guy Medal in Silver. Donnelly is a Fellow of the Royal Society and of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.


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