Alexander Adamski-O'Toole

Alex is a young man concerned with the welfare and advancement of people in the workplace. He completed a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Social and Public Policy, at UQ in 2016, where his major area of interest and expertise was the dynamics of social environments, particularly in government and corporate employment settings. He has sought to develop himself as a highly effective leader and motivator, uniquely able to bring together groups of people into teams or broader communities with a common goal. Throughout his time at The University of Queensland, he participated in youth and student politics, debating and the UQ Idea Network initiative.

He has been a volunteer and ambassador for beyondblue and the not-for-profit organization Impact! Social Enterprise, and was invited in 2015 to present his idea for a social civics app at the TedxUQ networking event. In 2016, he was accepted into a Winter Internship program with Zomato, a global tech start-up entering the Australian market, which soon became full-time employment across a variety of business verticals, including operations management, content writing, marketing, online and offline community engagement, business development, sales management and business strategy. Alex is an avid fan of smashed avo, jetboating and fitness, including completing the 2016 Climb for Cancer - 48 floors and 810 stairs - in under 6 minutes!

He is also due to sit the Selection Board to become an Officer in Australian Defence Force Reserve in March. He currently works as a manager of client services at SponsoredLinX, one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies, where he is able to combine his passion for people with his passion for driving innovative digital technologies and platforms. As one of the two Online Community board members, Alex hopes to facilitate more dialogue and personal and professional connection opportunities for UQ alumni, as well as ensure the UQ spirit lives on well after students have left the UQ campus for the last time.


Bachelor of Social Science