Amelia Shaw

As a graduate with Marketing major Amelia has a keen interest in asking 'why?'. The process of asking 'why' has resulted in Amelia gaining experience in a variety of different industries and undertaking a interesting mixture of past times.

Having worked for 6 years in the not-for-profit industry Amelia loves to get her hands dirty. Whilst working for the YMCA, Amelia started programs such as Inspired Leaders, Inspired Managers, Siblings Reconnect and National Indigenous Youth Parliament. In 2012 Amelia held the position of Youth Governor for QLD and in 2016 was one of four QLD Youth Representatives. 

Amelia now works for the advertising and creative agency PublicisQ working to manage client's needs across a variety of communication channels including TV, Radio, Digital and Social. 

With a keen passion for International Relations and global affair, Amelia holds the voluntary position of Vice-President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, she is passionate about encouraging conversations to take place in which all perspectives are expressed. 

Photo of Amelia Shaw


Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Arts