Dahra M Rezazadeh

Dahra is a Business Development \ Revenue Manager for Hilton Worldwide. Upon graduating with a Bachelor and Master of International Studies from UQ, Dahra is pursuing his passion for international relations and international business development. Currently working at the Hilton Brisbane to bring companies to hold their conferences and meetings in Brisbane to further drive it’s image as a world city and have the additional consequence to make it a desirable place to do business and benefit the city economically.

With a keen passion for international relations and cultural exchange Dahra was avidly engage in the UQ international community during his studies. As the Vice president of the Queensland University Exchange Student Society (short QUEST) he was not only one of the key people to increase membership significantly to 1,500 members, organise 50+ events of cultural and social nature, and achieve a turnover of $500k, but also contributing to a vivid cultural exchange between domestic, exchange and international students and the achievement of the promotion of overseas mobility for both UQ staff and students. For this work he  was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Internationalisation in 2013, which recognises individuals and organisational units that have shown leadership in areas that further internationalisation of the University of Queensland.

In his spare time, Dahra volunteers his time for certain social groups to further advance human happiness within the Brisbane community.

Image of Dahra Rezazadeh


Bachelor of International Studies (International Relations)
Master of International Studies (International Relations)