Each year UQ holds a Telephone Engagement Campaign to stay connected with UQ alumni and friends, raise awareness and help support vital funds for a wide variety of initiatives.

Our UQ Calling Crew – a team of committed and enthusiastic students make calls to alumni and friends every evening. The callers share their stories with alumni and friends, update them on breaking news from UQ's campuses, provide information on upcoming events, and ask them for support.

This is a wonderful opportunity for alumni and friends to catch up with what’s happening on UQ's campuses and life since graduating.

When the time comes, we hope you enjoy talking with our calling crew and play a part in supporting UQ.

If you’d like to receive a phone call from one of our students and find out how you can get involved with the university, please contact giving@uq.edu.au

See what UQ's alumni and friends say about receiving a phone call from our students.