UQ Telephone Engagement Campaign 2019

Why do I receive a call from UQ?

A phone call from students is our personal way of staying in touch with the UQ community. Last year we had over 15,000 conversations with alumni and friends in Australia and more than 1400 people made a donation in support of the causes which matter most to them. 

Six reasons to answer our call:
  1. Update us with your latest contact information so you don’t miss out on news, publications and event invitations
  2. Learn about upcoming events, volunteering and student mentoring opportunities
  3. Find out what has changed on campus
  4. Tell us your favourite stories at UQ and hear what our student callers say about their experiences
  5. Give advice to our student callers and share the lessons you’ve learned
  6. Give back to your alma mater, make a donation to support the future of this great institution.
When are you calling?

This year’s Telephone Engagement Campaign will run from September to December 2019. The student callers will make calls during the day on Monday to Saturday and on weekday evenings.

What number are you calling from?

Calls will be made from UQ St Lucia campus from this number 07 3737 2200. 

Are the student callers paid?

Yes, our Calling Crew are paid an hourly rate for their work.

What are you raising funds for?

Through the Telephone Engagement Campaign, student callers will raise funds for key areas of priorities for the University to provide vital support for student welfare, scholarships, teaching initiatives and research.

Can I make a donation now?

You can click here to give online today and direct your gift to an area you like supporting most. Your gift, however large or small, makes a real impact at UQ today and for the future generations.

What if I don’t want to be called?

If you prefer not to receive a call this time, please email us at uqcallingcrew@uq.edu.au

Are my personal details safeguarded? 

UQ students taking part in the UQ Telephone Engagement Campaign are employed on behalf of the University to conduct calls to alumni and friends of UQ. There are strict policies in place for participating students to comply with as a student caller to ensure your personal details are safeguarded and remains confidential at all times. 

If you have any concerns or questions about the privacy of personal information you can learn more about privacy at UQ, by visiting https://www.uq.edu.au/rti/

If you’d like to receive a call in future telephone engagement campaigns, please contact us at uqcallingcrew@uq.edu.au

Not sure whether we have the correct details for you?

You can update them online here