Volunteers needed for research projects

The Brain and Social Cognition - Get a picture of your brain!
Healthy volunteers aged 18-50, English speaking (not bilingual), with no history of psychological (e.g. depression) or neurological (e.g. epilepsy) illness are sought too participate in an fMRI study. This study will be conducted at UQ's CAI. In the MRI scanner you will be presented with two tasks, one is recognising emotions from static photos and one from videos. There strict safety criteria for the MRI e.g no metal in your body. 2-2.5 hour sessions (see SONA advert for times); participants will be reimbursed $20/hour Please contact Megan at megan.ej.campbell@uq.edu.au to complete a short pre-screening questionnaire via email.

Short survey for horse owners
Wound healing in horses can be a challenging process that can have substantial financial and emotional impact. We are looking for owners of horses to complete this short survey on wound healing and scars in horses. At the end of the survey you can chose to enter a draw to win one of ten $30 Coles/Myer vouchers. https://survey.qut.edu.au/f/190205/169c/

Do you know anyone with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)?
UQ researchers are seeking volunteers aged 65+ who have received a recent diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to participate in a study investigating the effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on learning and memory. The study will be conducted at UQ St Lucia, and involves two sessions of two hours each. Each session involves the application of a safe and painless form of electrical brain stimulation, and the recording of brain activity (EEG). Participants will be reimbursed $20 per hour. Contact: Genevieve Kieseker - g.kieseker@uq.edu.au or 0434087031.

Enhancing cognitive performance with non-invasive brain stimulation
Right-handed volunteers aged 65+ who are reasonably healthy are sought for a study investigating the effects of inducing sleep-like brain rhythms on cognitive performance. The study involves two sessions of two hours each, with each session at least a week apart. Each session would involve a type of safe and painless electrical brain stimulation (tACS), and the recording of brain activity (EEG). The experiments will be conducted at the UQ St Lucia campus. Participants will be reimbursed at $20 per hour. Contact: Genevieve Kieseker - g.kieseker@uq.edu.au or 0434087031.

Genetics of brain development in epilepsy
For a study that investigates the role of genes in brain development leading to epilepsy, we are seeking male and female volunteers aged 20+ years as healthy controls. If you choose to participate you will be asked to give a small blood sample for genome sequencing, to provide a stool sample for metagenome sequencing and to have a high resolution MRI brain scan. Participation in the study takes around two hours and will take place at the Centre for Advanced Imaging (St Lucia campus). You will receive $50 to compensate for your time and travel. For further information, please contact Hannah Savage: h.savage@uq.edu.au.

Healthy volunteers needed for brain networks study
UQ researchers are seeking healthy control volunteers for a study investigating functional and structural brain networks. We are looking for right-handed male volunteers aged 52-56 years, as well as right-handed female volunteers aged 43-50 years. The study will take place at the UQ St Lucia campus, take approximately 2.5 hours and include an MRI scan, an EEG and a few questionnaires. Volunteers will receive a picture of their brain and will be reimbursed with $50 for their time and travel expenses. Contact Lena Oestreich l.oestreich@uq.edu.au or 0431393054.

Foot pain under your heel?
UQ researchers are seeking people with foot pain that is under the heel, to participate in a study investigating foot muscles. The study involves having magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound imaging of your foot, both conducted at the University of Queensland. Contact: Dr Melinda Smith melindamareesmith@gmail.com or phone 0438 185 947.

Have you sprained your ankle in last four weeks?
Volunteers aged 18 - 40 years who have sprained their ankle for the first time in last four weeks are needed for a study investigating hip and knee muscle strength. Testing will take approximately one hour and will be conducted at the St. Lucia Campus. Participants will be reimbursed with a $15 Coles-Myer gift card. Contact: Nafiseh Khalaj (n.khalaj@uq.edu.au).

Do you have pain on the outer side of your hip?
Volunteers aged 30–70 with pain on the outside of the hip are sought to participate in a UQ study on sensitivity and physical function. This study involves a single appointment of 2 hours at the St Lucia campus. Eligible participants will receive a free clinical assessment, a $10 Coles Group & Myer gift card, and information about their condition. Please fill out the online survey for eligibility, or contact Melanie Plinsinga m.plinsinga@uq.edu.au

Are you free from pain and want to help others?
With only two hours of your time you can help people suffering from persistent hip pain. Healthy, pain-free women aged 40-60 are sought to participate in a study on sensation and physical function. The study includes a single appointment of approximately two hours at UQ St Lucia campus. You will also receive a $10 Coles Group and Myer gift card upon completion. Please fill out this online survey to express your interest.

Healthy Brain study 70yo+
UQ researchers are seeking healthy caucasian volunteers aged 70–80 to participate in a UQ brain science study. The study is trialling a non-invasive brain stimulation technique to improve cognition in several areas, including memory, quick decision making, and how we perceive other people’s perspectives and emotions. The study involves two sessions of 2.5 hours each in August–September. Location is the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, RBWH, Herston. Participants will be reimbursed $50. Contact: uq.brainstim1@gmail.com

Healthy volunteers needed for tendon pain research
UQ researchers are seeking pain-free volunteers aged 40–70 years to take part in a study of sensory function. The study involves one session of testing of approximately 2.5 hours at UQ St Lucia. Parking is provided and you will receive a $20 Coles Group on completion. Please fill out this survey to express your interest. Contact: Viana Vuvan v.vuvan@uq.edu.au

Kneecap pain?
Do you have pain using stairs or during sitting / squatting activities? If you are aged 50 years or older, and have pain around your kneecap (or at the front of your knee), you may be eligible to participate in ground‐breaking research on this condition. You will receive a free knee x‐ray and treatment of your painful knee, using a footwear intervention. Contact: Gearoid Cleary (email g.cleary@uq.edu.au or (07) 3365 4587).

Have your balance tested
Volunteers 60 years of age or older are invited to participate in a study investigating hip strength and balance. Eligible participants will be asked to undertake one testing session at UQ (St. Lucia campus) and one testing session at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Contact: Alexandra Picorelli - alexandra.picorelli@uqconnect.edu.au

Seeking volunteers with dry mouth
Adult volunteers aged 18+ with dry mouth are sought. The study will involve tasting 5 different flavoured lozenges and an orally dissolving tablet, and complete a questionnaire regarding opinions of the products, medical history and cause of xerostomia. The lozenges contain a low dose of pilocarpine (increases saliva production). Volunteers will be screened for eligibility via an inclusion and exclusion form given to everyone. Testing will take place at PACE, School of Pharmacy, 20 Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba. Participants will be reimbursed with a $30 Coles/Myer voucher for time and travel. Contact: If you are interested in the study please contact Rose Estafanos at r.estafanos@uq.edu.au

Exercising the low back ($100 gift card reimbursement)
People aged 18+ within a healthy BMI range (18.5-25) required for a 7 day study. Participants must be physically active at least 3x weekly (e.g running, swimming) for a minimum of 30 minutes and not be resistance trained for the low back muscles. Study will involve an exercise protocol of the low back muscles on day 1, with recovery being monitored in the following days. Study will involve blood collection via needle each day. Participants must have no history of low back pain to be eligible. $100 Coles/Myer gift card available as reimbursement. Contact: Christian Than christian.than@uqconnect.edu.au 0431641562

Diagnosed low back pain participants needed for one-hour study
Diagnosed low back pain patients needed for a study involving analysis of the muscles surrounding the pain area. Study involves being seated in a chair with light electrotherapy performed on the low back for 45 minutes to an hour. Reimbursement with $50 Coles/Myer gift card. Contact: Christian Than christian.than@uqconnect.edu.au 0431641562

Free exercise training
Researchers are currently looking for volunteers with type 2 diabetes to participate in an exercise training study here at UQ designed to improve your diabetic health. You will receive free training sessions with an accredited exercise physiologist and free health checks. Free parking will also be provided. If you’re aged 18-75 years and interested in improving your overall health then please contact Trishan Gajanand. Contact: t.gajanand@uq.edu.au

How lower back pain affects the brain?
People with lower back pain and healthy volunteers over 18 are sought for this study. This study evaluates how low back pain affects the integration of sensory information coming from the lower back. Participation requires attending one session of approx. Two-three hours that evaluates the excitability of the brain following noxious and non-noxious stimulation of the back muscles. Testing will take place in the Therapies Building (84a) at UQ St Lucia. Participants will be reimbursed 25$ for time and travel. Contact: Hugo Masse Alarie h.massealarie@uq.edu.au

Cluster headache trial
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cluster headaches, a clinical research study may be an option. Wesley Medical Research are looking for people who are 18 to 70 years old and have been diagnosed with cluster headaches for at least 12 months. If you qualify and take part, you may receive: • Investigational study medication for cluster headaches • Study-related care from study doctors • Compensation for travel This study is enrolling now. Please contact Michelle Cybulski, Clinical Research Coordinator on Ph (07) 3721 1527 or MCybulski@wesleyresearch.com.au or Jacqui on (07)3721 1548.

Call for volunteers for a human-robot interaction study
Student volunteers are wanted for a research project focusing on how people interact with robots on navigation tasks. Participants will control a small, wheeled robot using a joystick in a racing task with human and/or robot partners. The study takes about 90 minutes and will be held at the Axon building, UQ St Lucia. Contact: Scott Heath (scott.heath@uq.edu.au).

Low back pain intervention study
Volunteers aged 18+ spending time more than 30 hours per week with computer and with low back pain in the last one month are sought for a study. Participants will be involved in using stand-up desk to complete normal computer work for one hour at the Therapies building, UQ St Lucia on two occasions. Contact: Johnson Kwan Email: johnsonkwan603@gmail.com Mobile: 0434056193

Brain plasticity and oscillations in people 65+
Brain plasticity and oscillations in people 65+ Volunteers aged 65+ who are in reasonable health and right-handed are sought for a study investigating the effects of ageing on brain plasticity and the ability of the brain to undergo change. The study will include two sessions of approximately 2.5 hours each at UQ St Lucia. Each session involves two types of brain stimulation (electrical and magnetic) and the recording of brain activity (EEG). Participants will be reimbursed $10 per hour and parking can be organised. Contact: Dr. Claire Bradley claire.bradley@uq.edu.au

Seeking volunteers post-concussion and healthy volunteers for study
Volunteers aged 18–60 who have experienced a concussion, and healthy volunteers who have not experienced a concussion, are sought to participate in a study investigating the effects of concussion four weeks to six months following the injury. Participation involves up to three sessions (initial assessment and optional two follow-up assessments) spaced over 12 months at UQ, St Lucia. Participants will be assessed with non-invasive measurements and will receive a verbal report of test results. Parking will be provided. For details please contact Olivia Galea at o.galea@uq.edu or click here to see if you are eligible to participate.

Can I borrow your garden for a research project on pollinators and pollination?
Private gardens and backyards of apartment houses are needed for study on how urban environments affect insect pollinators and pollination of some common garden crops. The experiment requires access to gardens and backyards in Brisbane during late Oct-Nov 2017, to survey insect pollinators and keep potted plants to evaluate seed set. If you have a garden or backyard that you want to let us use for the study, please sign up using the form via this link. You will be contacted within the next few weeks with more information if your garden is suitable for the study. Contact: Anna Persson, anna.persson@cec.lu.se, 0434768946

Do you want to try a natural product (ActivAMP) for weight loss?
Volunteers are sought to trial a natural product (ActivAMP) for weight loss in a 16-week study located at UQ. Healthy volunteers aged 18 and over, who have a BMI between 25 and 35kg/m² and currently not taking any products for weight loss will will be randomised in a placebo-controlled trial of ActivAMP. Volunteers will receive free body composition scans (DXA) and full blood analyses as part of their participation. Reimbursement for parking will be provided if needed. Contact: Damian Cuda damian.cuda@uq.net.au

UQ staff & HDR students - Handheld mobile device use survey
Do you use laptop, tablet and/or smartphone for work? if yes, please complete a 10-15 minutes online survey about the use of laptop, tablet and smartphone for work purposes. The survey aim to identify how and why UQ staff and HDR students use the three devices for work and how that relate to musculoskeletal symptoms. The survey is open from 4 September 2017 to 22 September 2017.

Are you a surgeon?
Surgeons and surgical team members of any age, sex and specialty who performing minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) laparoscopic and robotic surgeries are welcomed to participate in a study on "Factors Associated with Neck/Shoulder and Vision Problems among Surgical Teams Performing MIS". A participation involves answering a 5-10 online survey asking about demographic/ individual characteristics, work-related factors/workplace ergonomics considerations and neck/shoulder and vision problems. Click here for survey. Dr. Ameer Alhusuny Email: a.alhusuny@uq.edu.au Mobile Ph.: 0498033690

Social brain study
We are looking for a few more healthy Caucasian volunteers aged 73-80 to participate in a UQ brain science study. The study is trialing a unique, non-invasive brain stimulation technique to improve cognition in several areas, including memory, quick decision making, and how we perceive other people’s perspectives and emotions. The study involves two sessions of about 2.5 hours each in August-September. Location is the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, RBWH, Herston. Participants will be reimbursed $50. For more details email uq.brainstim1@gmail.com or call 0408 271 141.

Healthy volunteers needed for foot muscle study
Pain-free volunteers aged 18-55 years are sought for a study investigating the function of the small muscles of the foot. Participants will undergo a free MRI scan of their foot, measures of their foot mobility, and detailed analysis of their foot muscle function during different activities. All testing will be conducted at the UQ St Lucia campus. For more details: contact Dr Natalie Collins by email n.collins1@uq.edu.au

Volunteers for pelvic floor study
Have you wondered whether you are contracting your pelvic floor muscles correctly? Participation in this study will help you find out. The evaluation will be part of a study of the function of the pelvic floor muscles using ultrasound imaging. If you are a female, over 18 years of age and do not have bladder or bowel problems, then you may be eligible. If you are interested in participating please contact Rafeef by email r.aljuraifani@uq.edu.au.

Eating, growing and gut bacteria research study for Brisbane babies
The Children's Nutrition Research Centre is looking for Brisbane Babies aged 6 to 24 months to help learn the best foods to give growing babies to ensure long term good health. Participation includes an assessment of your child’s diet and growth by an accredited practising dietitian. Taking part involves attending one appointment at the Centre for Children’s Health Research in South Brisbane with free parking provided. If you are interested in receiving more information about this research project please contact Paula Smith-Brown by phone 042 466 9161, email p.brown1@uq.edu.au or https://www.facebook.com/EGGstudy/