My name is Cassie Dai. I am currently studying a dual program of degrees in Engineering and Commerce – and I’m the proud recipient of the 2016 BJ Freeman Scholarship in support of my Bachelor of Commerce studies at the UQ Business School.

I want to share my personal experience with you and just how my scholarship has helped me.

Growing up in one of China’s most populated cities, Chongqing, I lived with my mother and three sisters in our very small apartment. From a young age I understood how to work hard and be independent.

We moved to Australia when I was eleven years old and I started working as soon as I reached the legal age to work in Australia, to help out at home. At one point I had three jobs simultaneously. For me, it has been a constant personal battle between taking on more part-time work and investing in my future. I will be the first person in my family to graduate with a University degree.

My scholarship gives me freedom, support and even the ability to have dinner with my family once in a while. I’ve been able to dedicate time to develop my professional skills through volunteering for student societies and not-for-profit organisations. This has exposed me to mentors who have helped develop my leadership skills, career pathways and encouraged me to think strategically.

I know first-hand that receiving a scholarship inspires you to do your very best and fuels the drive to succeed. I have dreams and passions, but the gift of a scholarship means that there are other people who believe in me too. Your generosity plays a vital role that ensures that UQ Business School students can take advantage of the opportunities that they have strived so hard to deserve. 

Please donate today and select ‘School of Business Scholarship Fund’ as your desired gift destination. 

I know that your investment will redefine someone’s future. Thank you.

Yours sincerely
Cassie Dai, 2016 Recipient the BJ Freeman Scholarship