Start a change reaction

You play a bigger part than you think in making the world a better, healthier, more sustainable place. Actions that might seem small contribute to a much bigger picture.

We call it a change reaction. 

You could help stem the tide on nanoplastics, support sustainability research, or simply attend an event and join the conversation on topics that are important to you. 

Join the movement of UQ ChangeMakers starting their own change reactions today. Because with your help, the good doesn’t stop.

Ask about becoming UQ ChangeMaker ambassador

Want to start a change reaction of your own? Become a UQ ChangeMaker ambassador

UQ ChangeMaker ambassadors share our vision for the power of a global alumni network and help to promote and participate in UQ initiatives, as leaders within our community. This may include attending or volunteering at events, re-sharing Contact articles, mentoring other alumni, providing feedback on alumni programs or championing UQ Giving Day.

If you're interested in the change reaction you can create as a UQ ChangeMaker ambassador, please contact us.

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