ChangeMaker events

UQ ChangeMakers: The Science of Positivity (online)

6 October 2021 6:00pm7:15pm
Please join us for our next ChangeMakers event, where you can hear from expert UQ researchers and alumni as they explore the science of positivity and share tips for building resilience.

Roundtable discussion: Law in the Pacific (online)

26 July 2021 5:30pm6:30pm
Did you know that constitutions in many Pacific countries not only recognise customary laws but frequently place them above common law? And where local legislation does not exist, foreign legislation is often applied? 
Image of a globe, with Australia in the bottom left corner

The Pacific: why it matters (online)

13 July 2021 6:00pm7:15pm
Stability and prosperity in the Pacific have long been stated as among Australia’s top foreign policy priorities, but for many Australians, the region remains little understood.

ChangeMakers – Black Lives Matter: the Australian context (online)

17 March 2021 6:00pm7:15pm
In the aftermath of the public death of George Floyd in the USA last May, millions of outraged citizens around the world took to the streets to protest a range of longstanding and systemic issues related to human rights, social justice and race relations.

Roundtable discussion - UQ ChangeMakers working in sustainability

26 November 2020 7:00pm8:00pm
Join Professor Neville Plint, Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute at UQ for an intimate roundtable discussion on the topic of sustainability.

UQ ChangeMakers - How can you join Australian leaders fighting the sustainability crisis?

12 November 2020 6:00pm7:15pm
Around the world, we’re seeing the increasing incidence of extreme weather events and natural disasters as the impact of our changing climate becomes more apparent.
ChangeMakers August Event

UQ ChangeMakers – A new global economy – are we entering a new industrial revolution?

20 August 2020 6:00pm7:15pm
The new era of work is driving businesses and the people within them to stay ahead of the technological curve. How will increased automation and continued digital disruption change the way we live and work? What does it mean for the future of our economy?