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Take your idea to the next level with the ilab Accelerator program. The program runs for three-months each year and offers $10,000 equity-free funding to each team.
Create essential skills pathways with verifiable and stackable credentials. Benefit from elearning experiences in today's most job-relevant subject areas.
Have you ever wished you had someone to bounce ideas off about work? A mentor to coach you through a salary negotiation, seek advice on your CV or to help navigate the next step of your career as a young professional?
The benefits of mentoring are indisputable – from increasing confidence and providing perspective to creating opportunities and building networks.
If you’re thinking about a new job or a promotion, you’ll most likely need to submit your CV and a cover letter. Those documents need to capture who you are.
YouTube sensation Slaiman and Kate gained 2 million subscribers while studying at UQ. They share quick tips.
Successfully transitioning into the workforce requires an awareness of your employer's expectations. Employers expect more than just a degree.