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Mission: The UQ ChangeMakers community celebrates the power of education through both our Queensland roots and our global impact. Built in partnership with alumni, this global community will support The Queensland Commitment through advocacy and profile raising. It is strengthened through shared values and experiences, storytelling, mentoring and lifelong learning.

Vision: As an enduring and lifelong partner, we are an engaged, inclusive and passionate alumni community who strive to address educational disadvantage and embed genuine two-way partnership within communities across Queensland and the globe. Together, we strive to make a difference and create more opportunities for all.

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Why ChangeMakers?

ChangeMakers revolutionise and shape our world. They share knowledge, ideas, skills and experiences to solve problems. By striving to create positive change – big or small – you too can be a ChangeMaker. Watch this video to hear from Chair of the UQ ChangeMakers Board, Ian Kemish AM.

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