UQ Alumni Book Fair®



The UQ Alumni Book Fair and Rare Book Auction is organised by volunteers and aims to raise money to support the researchers, educators and students at UQ. By attending the Fair you can find a ‘good home’ for pre-loved books, magazines, sheet music, DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, and even the occasional photograph, ephemera and print.

UQ Alumni Book Fair® (in person)

29 April 2022 9:00am2 May 2022 3:00pm
Over 50,000 books, DVDs, LPs and videos will be for sale at the UQ Alumni Annual Book Fair®. Funds raised will support student scholarships, UQ researchers and educators.

About the UQ Alumni Book Fair and Rare Book Auction

The UQ Alumni Book Fair is held annually and the Rare Book Auction is held every two years.

On average, over 110,000 books are prepared for each Book Fair. Preparation consists of sorting, classifying, pricing and packing books, not all of which can be accepted for sale. Some books not selected for sale are passed onto community organisations, while others are sent overseas. Every book received has potential to help someone.

Work in preparation for each Book Fair commences immediately after the preceding Book Fair has concluded. This work takes place at The University of Queensland, Long Pocket Campus, in Kurrajong and Banksia Buildings by the volunteers known as the Books Group. They are a group of book lovers consisting of retired academics, teachers and professionals who meet on a regular basis. Some are UQ alumni, while others are from universities from around the world. But not all are graduates. Everyone is welcome. A love of books and a willingness to volunteer are the only requirement if you would like to join the Books Group.

Each member of the Books Group contributes approximately 200 hours in a non Book Fair year, increasing to 275 hours in the lead-up to each Book Fair. It is estimated that over 20,000 hours are contributed (over each two-year period) to make the UQ Alumni Book Fair the success it is today.

"I was surprised and happy to hear that I had been awarded the Veterinary Alumni Prize for 2017. My lifelong dream has been to be a veterinarian and I am nearly there. Receiving this Prize means so much to me, because it is an acknowledgement of all the hard work I am putting in throughout this degree…many thanks for supporting students like me in their journey through UQ." Lauren Duthie Brown


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