3T Events

3T Events is your opportunity to become part of a regular community program and reconnect with fellow graduates. We invite you to join us for an exciting array of in-person events – from the history of the Olympics to the importance of native bees, and so much more.

If you have any questions about 3T Events please email uqalumni@uq.edu.au or phone 07 3346 3166.

Formerly the Three Score Club, this event program is bought to you in collaboration with Alumni Friends. Members of Alumni Friends and/or Friends of Antiquity are eligible to receive a $5 discount to 3T Events, taking the standard ticket price from $15 to $10. If you're a member and aren't sure how to access your discount, please contact the team at alumnifriends@uq.edu.au.

3T Event: the future of personalised medicine (talk only)

13 March 2024 10:00am12:45pm
Join Professor Alan Rowan, Institute Director, AIBN, as he explains what AIBN is doing in personalised medicine and then take a behind-the-scenes tour of the labs and meet some of the researchers making it happen.

3T Event: live well, age well – the pathway forward for dementia (in person) (join the waitlist)

25 October 2023 9:45am12:00pm
Join us for a special 3T event at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), where you will hear from researchers specialising in healthy ageing and the brain, followed by a tour of the research labs. This event has sold out - join the waitlist.

3T Event: remembering John Denis (Jack) Fryer (in person)

23 August 2023 10:00am12:00pm
Join Simon Farley, Librarian at the Fryer Library, for special behind-the-scenes access to some of the Fryer Library’s most prized possessions. Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to examine and handle items in a special interactive display and have the opportunity to get up-close to rare books and original manuscripts. Location: Fryer Library, UQ St Lucia campus

Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series: ‘the battle of the Hydaspes – Alexander’s Indian campaign as colonial warfare’

13 August 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us for the August Sunday Series event titled: The battle of the Hydaspes – Alexander’s Indian campaign as colonial warfare, presented by Kathy Toohey, Friends of Antiquity member. Location: Forgan Smith Building, St Lucia campus

3T event: shining the light on world elder abuse

21 June 2023 1:00pm3:00pm
Spend an insightful afternoon with us, where we shed light on world elder abuse and tour the unique UQ Healthy Living facility, a first of its kind allied health facility that supports people over fifty years of age to improve health, well-being and function.

3T Event: IMB under the microscope

19 April 2023 1:00pm3:00pm
Join us to hear from leading professors and researchers who are undertaking ground-breaking research, before embarking on a tour of the Institute of Molecular Biosciences.
Friends of Antiquity: Lovers of Wisdom, logo.

Friends of Antiquity: Milns Visiting Scholar

26 March 2023 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us for the April Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series. The event will be held at The University of Queensland Forgan Smith Building, followed by an afternoon tea.

3T Event – Bringing Contact to life: Children of the revolution

15 March 2023 10:00am12:00pm
In this special 3T event, Dr Rojas-Lizana chats with Contact editor Michael Jones about the hidden memories of her childhood, when one false move could have led to the death of her family and the ‘criminals’ they harboured.

3T Event: The Asia Minor Catastrophe - the crime and the courage (in person)

21 September 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Join us at The Women's College as UQ alum Associate Professor Con Aroney AM shares his historical knowledge of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. The event begins with morning tea, and concludes with an optional lunch

3T Event: The impact of sleep (in person)

24 August 2022 10:00am12:00pm
We spend approximately a third of our lives asleep: that’s roughly twenty-five years we could spend awake and living, and yet evolution has fettered us to hours spent every night in our most vulnerable state – unconscious and unaware. It’s an easy question to ask: what’s the point?
Early modern Olympic games

3T Event: The early modern Olympic Games

27 July 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Join Olympic historian and Honorary Director of the UQ Centre for Olympic Studies, Professor Ian Jobling, as he delves into the early modern Olympic games. Let's find out how they compare to Tokyo 2021!

3T Event: Are nanomaterials the solution for clean energy? (in person)

8 June 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Join us for morning tea with fellow UQ alumni, and hear from renewable energy expert, Professor Lianzhou Wang as he shares how UQ research is harnessing the energy from the sun and utilising long-lasting lithium-ion batteries in ways never seen before.
Image of dentistry students

3T Event: teeth, tusks and other chewing things (in person)

11 May 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Join us at The Women's College for morning tea followed by an in-depth presentation from Dr Gary Smith, founder of Gary Smith Prosthodontics and UQ alumnus. The presentation will look at the origins of dentistry in the 13th century through to the early 18th century. Gary will also look at the advances in tooth replacement up to the commencement of the modern era.

3T Event: UQ Vaccine - how we produced a vaccine in 12 weeks, why we stopped and what is the new UQ Vaccine? (in person)

6 April 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Join us at The Women's College for morning tea followed by an in-depth presentation from Professor Trent Munro, Senior Group Leader at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, where we will venture behind the scenes of UQ’s COVID-19 vaccine project, including what's next for the team.
Image of a man wearing scrubs and there is a surgical light set-up behind him

3T Events: A history of genocide with emphasis on Australia's frontier wars

2 March 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Join us at The Women's College for morning tea followed by an in-depth presentation from Dr Frank Moloney on the history of genocide in Australia. Registrations open soon.

3T Events: End of Year Celebration (in person)

7 December 2021 11:00am2:00pm
Join us at The Women’s College for this special end of year celebratory 3T event. The event will include an informative presentation from Dr James Lancaster titled "An Unexpected History of Christmas”, followed by a buffet lunch.

3T Events: What is critical thinking and how can we teach it? (in person)

26 October 2021 10:00am12:00pm
Join critical thinking expert, Peter Ellerton, as he explains the power of understanding critical thinking and how we can apply it in our lives.
UQ solar farm with rainbow

3T Events: Sustainability at UQ and beyond (in person)

7 September 2021 10:00am12:00pm
Hear from experts from UQ's Sustainability team as they share UQ's new sustainability strategy, some of our current campus initiatives.