Slaiman and Kate's top tips to boost your social media presence

YouTube sensation Slaiman and Kate from ‘Whealth by Slaiman’ gained 2 million subscribers while studying Law/Pharmacy at UQ. Slaiman and Kate share quick tips of how you can boost your social media presence effectively. 

1. YouTube wins the young audience

If you’re looking to grow a following with a young audience, YouTube is where it’s at. When we first started out, we looked at lots of different options - including Facebook - but quickly found that video on other platforms is generally scrolled past without the sound on. YouTube is the best place to authentically build a relationship with your followers. And it’s much easier to migrate followers to Instagram from YouTube than vice-versa.

2. Always film during the day

Natural light can be the difference between a piece of content that looks high quality and well produced, and dodgy iPhone footage. You don’t need lots of fancy or expensive equipment. The best spot for filming is by a large window so the light can shine directly on your face. Never film at night - your footage will always look amateur. 

3. Be yourself 

It’s true what they say, there’s no better person to be than yourself! People are tired of Instagram-worthy images or footage that is not  true to life. If you’re investing in building your personal brand, do it in a genuine way. Authenticity will always win real fans!  

4. It’s all in the name and still frame 

We received some great advice early in our YouTube career - think of your video title and still frame as a movie poster. This powerful combination acts as a trailer and can lure in followers more than you could imagine. Think as carefully about the ‘poster’ as you do the video content itself. 

5. Patience and consistency is key

Nothing happens overnight - including 2 million followers. Our success came from consistent, reliable content and a tested formula that works. Every video starts with an intro, then a prank, followed by outtakes. Because of this, our fans know what to expect - and keep coming back.