About the campaign

What is the campaign?

Over our 110-year history, the partnership between donors and UQ has had an extraordinary impact on our community, Queensland, Australia, and the world.

While we have come a long way, there is so much more to do and so much more that requires urgent support. We want to ensure that individuals, families and organisations who share our values and vision choose UQ as their trusted partner to achieve their vision for a better world.

The Not if, when campaign is an ambitious philanthropic effort to achieve this transformational impact. It is the first comprehensive philanthropic campaign in the University’s history and will continue for several years as we collectively strive to achieve our common goal for a better world.

Like you, we will not stand by and ‘hope for the best’. We firmly believe that by proactively taking action, together, our greatest days lie ahead. Not if, when.

Support the change you want to see in the world

When you and UQ partner together, amazing things can happen.

Environments are protected, futures are nurtured, families are supported, lives are made healthier, culture is enriched and society’s injustices are tackled head on.

UQ has research expertise, passion and determination – side-by-side with you, we can accelerate towards success. Together, we can confidently say: Not if, when.

What are the campaign priorities?

The goal of the campaign is to galvanise the community and our alumni to help raise the significant funds required for three key priorities:

  • Empowering Student Success through life-changing scholarships, accommodation, work experience and study opportunities.
  • Transforming Teaching and Learning by attracting and retaining the best academic leaders and providing innovative and effective learning environments.
  • Driving Discovery and Impact because from science and sustainability to health and humanities, UQ research outcomes have had a significant impact on people’s lives, all over the world.
Message from the Chairs

Professor Ian Frazer AC FRS and Mrs Caroline Frazer
Not If, when - the Campaign to Create Change Co-Chairs
The Not if, when campaign is a partnership between the generous donors in our community who have a dream for a better world, and UQ, which has the research excellence, resources and people to achieve our donors' ambitions.

We invite you to tell us about your vision for the world, to see if we can help provide you with the tools to achieve it, whether this involves increasing access to education, research, or bolstering the arts and humanities that enrich our lives.

Our motivation for giving back is simple – we want to support a community that helped and embraced us. We are grateful for the support we received, particularly the gift that enabled Ian and Dr Jian Zhou to develop the life-saving cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil.

Thank you for considering partnering with us, and for taking the initiative to be the change that you want to see in the world.