Alumni Friends helps shape the future—as outlined below in our vision, mission, and strategic plan. Alumni Friends members share in the belief that successful, stable and diverse communities need world-class tertiary education, where world-class universities depend on the support, encouragement and engagement of alumni and the wider community.

Our vision: An equitable, stable, diverse and educated Australia, benefiting from world-class tertiary education.

Our mission: To connect engaged alumni and friends to support the endeavours of the ‘future alumni’, educators and researchers of The University of Queensland (UQ).

Core values: integrity and wisdom; being ethical, diligent and accountable; being supportive and philanthropic; encouraging respect and diversity.

Alumni Friends members are often described as honest, dedicated volunteers who are social, charitable, fun, ethical, cost-effective, precise, consistent, disciplined, responsible, focused, tenacious and determined.

Our key focus areas:

  • Connecting: Creating routes for alumni and friends to engage with UQ through regular contact/communication, including social events, newsletters, and website, lifelong learning activities (for example, through Three Score [now 3T] and Friends of Antiquity talks), volunteering time for mentoring and fund-raising (for example, through the UQ Alumni Book Fair) and sharing memories and experiences (including through the 50 Stories Project);
  • Recognising and Celebrating UQ’s students, researchers and educators: Supporting a suite of Prizes, Scholarships & Bursaries for UQ students, staff, & alumni
  • Investing and Giving Back: Donating time and money to support the endeavours and explorations of UQ’s students, educators, and researchers;
  • Supporting: Focused on ensuring that world-class tertiary education is inclusive, supporting the best students in their aspiration to study at UQ; and
  • Advocacy: Promoting the benefits of world-class education and the value of supporting/enriching the cultural and social resources of UQ; demonstrating the benefits of a world-class education through philanthropy (donating time, money, and/or gifts) and connection with fellow UQ alumni, students, researchers and educators.