Baidam Solutions partner with UQ to create change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will now have the opportunity to study at The University of Queensland thanks to an Indigenous owned, Supply Nation certified Information Technology business.

Baidam Solutions has partnered with UQ to establish a scholarship that will be available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in perpetuity to encourage greater participation in information technology and other STEM related studies.

“I am delighted to partner with a proud Indigenous-owned, Queensland-based IT security company to create game-changing opportunities for our students," UQ’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) Professor Bronwyn Fredericks said.

Baidam Solutions is the first Indigenous-owned Australian business to establish an endowed scholarship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UQ.

"I hope that Baidam Solutions’ generosity and commitment towards empowering future generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals and leaders will inspire other companies to follow in their footsteps," Professor Fredericks said.

"Together we can create change for a better world for Indigenous Australians and for all Australians.”

As part of its business model, Baidam Solutions is committed to creating training opportunities and employment pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through the Baidam Initiative program.

The company hopes the scholarship will ensure greater access to higher education for Indigenous Australians.

“We are absolutely delighted to present this scholarship to the University. This is an achievement that the whole information and communications technology industry can be proud of. It is only with the continued support from our customer community and the vendors we represent, that this was made possible.

“We offer customers across Australia, the choice to support capable First Nations information security business and, when that choice is made, we have the opportunity to create lasting legacies such as this scholarship,” Pip Jenkinson, CEO Baidam Solutions said.

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