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ChangeMakers revolutionise and shape our world. They share knowledge, ideas and experiences to solve problems.

As a #UQChangeMakers, you can strive to create positive change and inspire that change in others.

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Tips for posting on social:

Keep it concise
Use engaging images
Include @UQAlumni and #UQAlumni #UQChangeMakers in your posts so we don’t miss them! 

Ways to talk about UQ ChangeMakers on social:

Promote our flagship events
Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with other ChangeMakers at the event
Share event content after it’s over
Encourage people to sign up to the A2A program e.g. share your A2A success stories on LinkedIn
Become a #UQChangeMakers volunteer and encourage others to do the same

Some example posts:

Be part of #UQChangeMakers, a diverse network of 290,000+ international professionals working across different roles, industries, organisations and cities.


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