Civil Engineering Future Leaders Fund

Civil engineering encompasses an incredible diversity of careers, which together allow us to tackle the greatest challenges facing our world.

Water, coastal, and environmental engineers are protecting our natural environment in the face of climate change. Structural, geotechnical, and fire engineers are delivering infrastructure to sustainably support our growing populations. Transport, construction and interdisciplinary civil engineers are adapting data science and digital technologies to improve the safety, productivity, and intelligence of the cities of tomorrow.

With so many potential career pathways available for the next generation of students, how do we continue to attract the best young minds to our profession? How do we motivate them to pursue a pathway that they might not know exists?

By supporting the Civil Engineering Future Leaders Fund you will enable our most passionate students to lead high-school engagement activities that cover the full breadth and depth of civil engineering professions, aiming to inspire and attract the next generation of students to pursue Civil Engineering at UQ.

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