UQ is actively and strategically engaged with international universities, businesses, foundations and prominent alumni and friends to collaboratively broaden and deepen its impact throughout the world through collaborative research. Our mission is to assist development of research, teaching and learning through key partnerships that will effect lasting change in our global society.

Emboldened by a record of success and the prospect of contributing to the answers to the world’s great challenges, UQ is aiming ever higher to deliver benefits to society and the environment worldwide. These ambitions are underpinned by research excellence – a quality manifest in the rising number of peer-reviewed publications from UQ researchers.

UQ’s research collaboration initiatives include:

  • Over 2,300 research projects in more than 50 countries

  • Over $43 million in research invested with United States partners and initiatives

  • Over 80 agreements with North American institutions

  • 46 partnerships with US universities, corporations and organizations

  • Networks with prominent UQ alumni, parents of students, and friends of UQ

We are working to augment UQ’s ‘excellence-plus’ factor, in order to lift our positive worldwide impact. Such improvements in output will give better returns to people who invest in UQ.

To optimize performance, we must expand the quality and scale of mutually-beneficial engagement with the private and public sectors. So, we have developed a new industry engagement strategy featuring a list of UQ’s top 30 research strengths.

Our partners will share the benefits not only of top expertise and facilities, but also of UQ’s improving academic reputation.

In the years ahead, we commit to working more effectively to build on UQ’s inherent excellence, to continue nurturing and supporting talent, and to intensify UQ’s positive impacts for humankind.