A family’s gift to disadvantaged engineering students

1 December 2020

There are many ways we can choose to remember the people we love, but for the family of Roger Trundle, his legacy was best celebrated by supporting the next generation of civil engineers at UQ.

The Roger Trundle Memorial Scholarship was established in 2015 by Roger’s wife, Marjorie, and his two children, Matthew and Jennifer. Each year, it is awarded to a driven civil engineering student whose academic progress is threatened by financial, educational, geographic or cultural disadvantage.

Roger’s son, Matthew, says the scholarship is a fitting reflection of Roger’s life and the family’s belief in education and opportunity.

Roger and Marjorie Trundle
Roger and Marjorie Trundle

“The Trundle family are very proud to sponsor this scholarship in memory of our father and husband, Roger, who was once a Civil Engineering student at UQ,” Matthew said.

“The education he received opened opportunities for employment as an engineer and led to a successful career in the construction industry, and through this scholarship, we hope to make a difference in the lives of students who display great potential, enthusiasm and drive to succeed.”

The 2020 Roger Trundle Memorial Scholar was Youssef Eskifeh, who left his home in Syria three years ago to pursue Civil Engineering at UQ. The journey has not been easy for Youssef, who has had to worked tirelessly and through many hurdles towards his dream career.

“I will never forget moment when I knew that I was awarded the scholarship, because it is the highest achievement I have and the thing that I am most proud of,” Youssef said.

“I chose to study Civil Engineering because it has been my long-term goal since I was a child, as I was always interested in knowing how the buildings were constructed and when I grew up I wanted participate in shaping and developing the world in a sustainable way.

“As a student who came from Syria and has been living in Australia for only 3 years, I have faced many challenges to get to university, including doing a TAFE course to get an OP and improve my English. I chose to study at UQ as I found it the best university which can help me to study my dream program.”

For Youssef, it is an honour to carry Roger’s legacy through his studies and is an opportunity he hopes he can pay forward for other students experiencing hardship in the future.

Youssef Eskifeh
Youssef Eskifeh

“The scholarship means a lot for me as it helps me to overcome the financial hardships that I am facing and focus more on my study,” Youssef said.

“I am inspired by the scholarship to always help others, and I hope in the future I will be able to help young students to achieve their dreams as the Trundle family has done.”

During the campaign, endowed gifts like the Trundle Family’s established 136 new endowed scholarships to support students in need at UQ. With your help, we’ve created more opportunities for the young people who need them most.

Because of you, the good doesn’t stop. 



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