Early learning centre fosters art of culture, kinship and respect

Children are gaining an understanding and respect for Indigenous culture from a young age at the Margaret Cribb Early Learning centre, based at UQ’s St Lucia campus. The centre recently unveiled a yarning circle, designed by Brisbane Indigenous artists, encouraging culture, kinship and communication as a way of learning.

National Reconciliation Week 2020, 'In this together.'

From Wednesday 27 May to 3 June we celebrate National Reconciliation Week. This week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements. It is an opportunity for each and everyone one of us to explore how we can contribute to achieving reconciliation.

This years theme is 'In this together.' It is an invitation to reflect on the achievements of those who came before us, and to consider how we can collectively build on their efforts. Here at UQ we seek to contribute by building an inclusive community that works respectfully and collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, staff and community.

To celebrate, this week UQ is hosting a series of events, panel discussions, workshops and social events that explore and celebrate reconciliation at UQ and within the wider community.

To find out more, visit the UQ National Reconciliation website: https://life.uq.edu.au/reconciliationweek