Join us in person or online for the April Sunday Series event titled: 'In the Shadow of Giants: Mark Antony on the Big Screen', presented by Dr Tom Stevenson and Tyla Cascaes, . The in-person event will be held at The University of Queensland Forgan Smith Building, followed by afternoon tea.
The speakers will survey depictions of Mark Antony on the big screen, focusing in particular on Julius Caesar (1953), Cleopatra (1963), and HBO’s Rome (2005-7). It emerges that he is normally depicted in the shadow of contemporaries, such as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. He rarely serves as the subject of a detailed or thoughtful character study, so that, in the popular conception at least, the historical figure has largely been lost.

Meet the Presenters

Dr Tom Stevenson
Dr Tom Stevenson has taught Classics and Ancient History at UQ since 2003. His research interests include Roman politics and political ideology of the late Republic and early Empire, the careers of Cicero and Caesar, and representations of the ancient world in historical novels and films. He is a past President of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies.
Ms Tyla Cascaes
Tyla Cascaes is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, supervised by Alastair Blanshard and Tom Stevenson, researching the role played by casting in the creation and repetition of Roman characters. More broadly, her research interests lie in Rome of the late Republic and early Empire and their reception on film and in popular culture. She is particularly interested in the use of ancient individuals on stage and screen to influence power in the present, and the process and impact of casting in ancient cinema. In 2020 she completed an MPhil thesis which focuses primarily on receptions of Julius Caesar in the Cold War years of 1945-65 by analysing examples from film, literature, stage, and popular culture. She works as a casual tutor for the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, is a tour guide at the RD Milns Antiquities Museum and works with the Classics and Ancient History Society to run their essay and exam masterclasses.
Registations open soon.

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