We were looking forward to seeing you in person at The Edge next month, but the flood clean-up effort in the facility is still continuing. We offer our deepest support to State Library of Queensland staff, who are working tirelessly to revitalise the venue.
So this month, make sure you join us online to learn about UQ's new research to develop new antiviral treatments... before our next pandemic.
The worldwide spread of SARS-CoV-2 has highlighted the urgent need for new and rapid approaches against emerging viruses. Alongside effective vaccine development, it will be critical to deploy rapid response therapeutics, providing a buffer for vaccine rollout and ensuring ongoing protection in at-risk populations.
UQ’s Associate Professor Daniel Watterson will discuss his research using cutting-edge vaccine technologies to rapidly identify new broad-spectrum antiviral antibody therapies, including the use of ‘first responder’ antibody forms and using mRNA delivery to stop a new virus before it becomes a pandemic.

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