It starts with a spark... IMB is dedicated to delivering research outcomes that make a big impact, but we know that all great inventions and breakthroughs start with a single idea.
Imagine…. A curious medical researcher testing deadly spider venom discovers a way to fast-track recovery in stroke patients. Then a second scientist takes that idea and tests it further, discovering a promising treatment for heart attack victims.
Imagine… Funding ground-breaking treatment for blood diseases, a new way to manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease or a pill that negates the need for costly surgeries.
IMB’s talented scientists dared to imagine and are igniting ideas that spark change across the globe and you can all play a pivotal role in turning big ideas into big breakthroughs.
Join us for the Ignite Innovation Showcase to hear from three inspiring finalists, as they passionately pitch their cutting-edge ideas to an audience of philanthropists, investors, fellow researchers and more. Experience the thrill of the annual “Shark Tank-style” live event where researchers pitch their impact projects for seed funding.
Help turn their research into world-leading breakthroughs that will benefit generations to come. Your support could be the catalyst to help our scientists gain wider investment in lifesaving ideas and new treatments.

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