Improving Indigenous opportunities around the world: what will it take?
Indigenous peoples worldwide encounter many challenges that affect their livelihoods, cultures and wellbeing – from labour market disadvantage, to equal access to education, to discrimination and marginalisation.
Our expert panel will discuss these challenges as they address one of the most pressing issues facing Australia and other Indigenous nations: what will it take to improve the odds of Indigenous peoples today?
This complex question calls for collective efforts and cooperation from Indigenous, academic, and government communities.
Using examples from recent research projects, the panellists will explore how Indigenous communities, academics from different disciplines and data custodians can successfully work together to build impactful projects.
You’ll learn about the challenges of undertaking Indigenous research and discover how embracing a multidisciplinary approach and engaging experts outside of academia can lead to valuable outcomes greater than the sum of their parts – with a particular focus on the role of economics.

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