The University of Queensland has over 80 agreements with US institutions, and more than 45 partnerships with USA-based universities, corporations, foundations and organizations. Examples of our partnerships in North America can be found below. For a complete list of UQ’s partner organizations in North America, please click here.

  • The UQ SCRAMSPACE program – in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, the University of Minnesota and BAE Systems – will test the possibility of launching faster, more cost-effective communication satellites, which will potentially be able to travel from one side of the planet to the other in a few hours.
  • UQ’s School of Medicine has partnered with world-acclaimed Louisiana healthcare organization Ochsner Health System to meet increasing US demand for physicians. The unique partnership enables UQ’s US medical students to study two years of their MBBS degree in Brisbane and two years within the Ochsner Health System, New Orleans.
  • The Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program allows students to work in the Congressional Office of a member of the US House of Representatives, or US Senate, each January and February. Twelve interns from nine Australian universities are accepted into the prestigious program each year. UQ boasts an outstanding record, as 13 of our students have been accepted into the program over the past five years.
  • UQ annually hosts a cohort of Stanford University undergraduate students from the Australian Coastal Studies program. Students attend lectures and go on diverse field trips, including excursions to UQ’s research station in the Great Barrier Reef. Expert UQ professors deliver courses on rainforests and coral reef diversity, contributing to students’ deeper understanding of these vulnerable ecosystems.