Marine Solutions Fund

The impact of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Marine Science is already significant, but its potential is far greater.

We want to positively change and protect the world’s coasts and oceans through research and teaching. With your support, we can teach the next generation of marine scientists to develop real solutions to the major challenges facing our oceans, and continue our wider engagement with our citizen science initiatives. Your gift can make a difference.

Donations to the Marine Solutions Fund will fuel our efforts to:

  • conserve coastal and reef biodiversity and ecosystems
  • solve the biggest challenges facing our ocean planet
  • partner with communities, governments and industries to deliver transformational solutions that drive social change and promote healthy and resilient environments and livelihoods.

Your support furthers essential research, education and training at our internationally renowned Heron Island Research Station and Moreton Bay Research Station.  

Philanthropic scholarships, bursaries and other gifts help us to:

  • attract and support the brightest students, whatever their social or financial background
  • recruit world-leading teachers
  • provide innovative technologies and equipment.

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