Partnership in action – UQ COVID-19 vaccine update

Thanks in part to acts of extraordinary generosity, this week healthy adult volunteers received the first dose of the UQ COVID-19 vaccine at the Brisbane clinic of clinical trials specialist, Nucleus Network.

We have reached this significant milestone at unprecedented speed thanks to a powerful collective of public and private partners. 

Following early support from state and federal governments, more than 2600 alumni, community members, foundations and corporations have joined together to accelerate UQ’s promising vaccine. 

Together they have exceeded the $23.5 million needed to rapidly accelerate the project — over $10 million of which has come from philanthropic partners. 

We are so proud of these genuine partnerships and grateful to each and every one of the thousands of supporters who stepped forward to help, from $7 ‘piggy bank’ donations to seven-figure gifts. We invite you to learn more about these ChangeMakers.

While there is no guarantee of success, the UQ research team remains cautiously optimistic. 

To follow the progress of our COVID-19 researchers, please visit the UQ COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Timeline or follow us on social media for regular updates.

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